What to Look for at the WPPI Conference

What to Look for at the WPPI Conference

There are many different professional photography conferences available in the US, Europe, South America and Asia, but there’s only one that is known for its community feel. WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) has been around for over 40 years and now makes its home in lovely Las Vegas. This year it will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, a sprawling hotel with a conference center, lot of bars and restaurants and even a shark tank.  The conference itself will have over 160 classes and photo walks, and 200 vendors. It will run from Monday, February 25th through the March 1st.  It’s a great opportunity to learn from the experts and also have a chance to see and touch the latest in cameras, lenses, bags, lights and any photo accessory that you think you might need or can’t live without.

One event that makes WPPI truly unique for conferences in the US is 2 days of  live print and album competition judging (my favorite part of the show). On February 25th and 26th, you’ll be able to go from room to room, watching panels of judges critique and score over 2,000 images in 29 categories and 4 album categories. You’ll learn so much from listening to the judges discuss lighting, posing, print skills, composition and so much more. Even if you’ve never entered a competition, you’ll get a better idea of how your work stacks up against other photographers in your genre. You’ll come away inspired and ready to work to be more creative, not only for yourself but for your clients.

Can’t make it to WPPI? Here’s a special discount off the Monthly Creator Pass to learn from the conference’s top speakers on-demand. Learn more.

Classes begin on Tuesday the 26th and if you purchased a full registration, you’ll have access to over 50 Platform classes covering all genres. For an additional fee, you can choose smaller classes like Plus and Master Classes and Photo Walks.

Also included in your platform pass is Rise and Shine, a morning session  Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2019 featuring Petronella Lugemwa, Qiya Ng, and Kuoloon Chong of Kompactfaen, Jasmin Neidhart of Grace & Blush and Phil Porto. Learn how they discovered their signature looks, stuck to their guns despite prominent trends in wedding photography, worked through their insecurities in a competitive industry and harnessed their distinctive qualities.

Photo © Qiya and Kuoloon of Kompactfaen

The trade show begins on Wednesday the 27th and runs through the March 1st. It can be a bit overwhelming as you wander around and not only see the larger booths of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, WHCC and others, but also you’ll be stopping to hear the vendors’s top speakers teach to crowds on the trade show floor. Again, more education that you won’t want to miss. The trade show veterans recommend that you walk the whole floor on the first day, go back to the vendors who have the equipment or software that interest you the most on the second day, and if you’re ready to purchase, do that on the third day. Or do more research after you’ve left the show, but at least you’ll have had the opportunity to view those items in person.

But what you’ll really notice is the camaraderie among the attendees whether you see them in the hotel lobby, in classes or on the trade show floor.  Everyone is there for the same reason – to learn, be inspired and party. Some people have been hanging out with the same people for years, but many of the photographers are going to be there for the first or second time (you might be one of them). So take advantage of the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals – strike up a conversation with the individual sitting next to you in class, say hi to the person in the elevator wearing a WPPI badge, talk to an instructor after the class is over (they’re all very friendly because they’ve been in your shoes). People really want to have a face-to-face conversation about something they love – photography. You might find your own new community, people who you can email if you have an editing problem, or who can help you choose the best lighting to purchase for your style of photography.

Can’t make it to WPPI? Take $50 off the Annual Creator Pass to learn from the conference’s top speakers on-demand with code WPPICREATOR ( exp. 3/10/2019) Start your 7-day trial now!

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Improve Any Photo with These Three Simple Editing Steps

Improve Any Photo with These Three Simple Editing Steps

I consider myself somewhat of a photograph gunslinger. I take shots from the hip, no look shots, hanging-out-of-the-window-of-a-moving-car shots. Some of them turn out great. Some of them don’t. Some just need work. For the images that aren’t solid gold straight out of camera, these three steps are the first and most important issues that I address to improve my photos. And luckily, it doesn’t matter if I’m editing in Lightroom, Photoshop, or even on my phone— any editing application worth it’s salt can help you with these three techniques.

Expose for the Subject

I believe that every picture should have at least one clearly defined subject. Whether it’s a person, a group of people, a sunset, or a plate of food; it doesn’t much matter. The subject is the star of your photo and it is the most important part of your image to have properly exposed.

I generally edit my photos in Lightroom and the quickest way I’ve found to get a decent exposure is to open the image in the Develop module (d) and use the (+) and (-) keys to respectively raise and lower the overall exposure of the image.

Photos: Matt McMonagle

Photo: Matt McMonagle

Here’s an image that I took, straight out of camera. It looks a bit dark. Take notice of how bright her face looks, specifically. Her face is the subject of the photo. Her face is the exposure priority.

Here’s the same image, after raising the exposure. I ended up bumping the exposure +1.5. It’s starting to look better already!


Photo: Matt McMonagle

Level the Horizon

What do you notice about the photo that might seem just a bit off? Are you tilting your head ever so slightly when you look at it? Me too. So, what’s the problem? The picture is crooked, and especially apparent because of the perceived tilt of the horizon.

Want to learn more Photoshop techniques and tricks? Learn all the best shortcuts today.

My favorite way to level the horizon is to open my photo in the Develop module (d) of Lightroom and go to the crop tool (r.). From here, the fastest way to fix the horizon if you can see the horizon line is to hold (command) and draw on your horizon line. I’ve attached a quick video showing what this move looks like.

Here’s that same photo with a straight horizon.


Photo: Matt McMonagle

Crop Out Distractions

In my mind, whatever is distracting your eyes from the subject of the photo needs to go! Sometimes this is easier said than done. But minimizing visual noise is a paramount objective in my editing process.

In most cases, our eyes are drawn to the brightest part of an image. If there is something on the edges of your image that is drawing your eye away from your subject, try cropping it out.

The bright edge of the handrail on the left side of the photo catches my eye. I’m going to try cropping it out to see if it helps the image quality.


Photo: Matt McMonagle

It sure did!

From here, I might go on to add a bit of contrast, adjust the colors, or make other minute changes, but these three steps- adjusting exposure, leveling the perceived horizon of the photo, and cropping to remove distractions and create a balanced frame- get me about 80% of the way to a finished image.

Here’s a video of my entire editing process, start to finish.

It doesn’t matter if you use Lightroom, Photoshop, or even your phone to edit photos. These steps are the fundamentals of editing photos, and they are the fundamentals because they are so simple and effective! You can use these three editing principles to improve any photo.

Want to learn more Photoshop techniques and tricks? Learn all the best shortcuts today.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Dumb Questions: Storytelling Tips from Alex Blumberg

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Dumb Questions: Storytelling Tips from Alex Blumberg

Where do great stories come from? And how do the people who tell them for a living keep finding them?

This American Life‘s Alex Blumberg explains that the best stories satisfy our collective curiosity — and that the best place to look for a story is in your own uncertainty or lack of knowledge. By being comfortable with the questions, says Alex, you can be sure your story will not only be captivating, but also something that can teach people something they might not have known, either. Make sure to join us for CreativeLive’s brand new podcast with Tara Gentile to enjoy more storytelling from creatives like Chase Jarvis, Sue Bryce, and many more.

Here are Alex’s top storytelling tips:

1. Pay attention to your curiosity. “Curiosity leads to questions. Good stories answer questions,” Alex explains. If you’re interested in something, or find yourself wondering  about the details or implications of something, ask. Other people probably have the same questions, and would enjoy a story that answers them.

2. Pay attention to your boredom . That said, Alex says, “no one else is going to be as curious about the topic as you are.” If even you’re no longer captivated by the story, it might be time to jump ship.  “If you’re even a little bit bored by what you’re learning, chances are your audience will be very bored,” he adds.

Learn how to power your podcast — and your life — with storytelling in Alex’s CreativeLive class

3. Pay attention to your own confusion. You’re trying to answer questions. Before anyone else can understand the answer, you have to make sure you do. Early in my career, I would play an early draft of a story for an editor, and they would ask, “when so and so says this, what does she mean by that?” Usually, I wouldn’t know. Because I hadn’t asked. Even though in the moment of the interview, I’d been a little confused as well.”

4. Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions. “In fact,” Alex says, “often there’s a very basic, very dumb question at the center of a story that no ones asking. One of the biggest stories I ever did, the Giant Pool of Money, was predicated on just such a dumb question: Why are the banks loaning money to people who can’t possibly pay it back. Asking the right dumb question is often the smartest thing you can do.”

Learn more about how to power your podcast — and your life — with storytelling in Alex’s CreativeLive class

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5 Videos That Will Improve Your Photo Editing Skills from Beginner to Advanced

5 Videos That Will Improve Your Photo Editing Skills from Beginner to Advanced

Looking to learn quick Photoshop tips to take your photos to the next level? Did you miss our biggest conference of the year about all things Photoshop? Not to worry. We’ve created a round-up of top highlights from the week — from beginner tutorials on popular tools to advanced tips for adjusting color — that are sure to help you master your photo editing skills in no time at all.

1. Beginner: A Better Way To Use The Photoshop Elliptical Marquee Tool

RC Concepcion shares a very simple photoshop trick to speed up ways to make an accurate selection. For more ways to make better selections in Adobe Photoshop, use layer masks in your photo projects to correct exposure, enhance color and selectively add details to any image check out RC’s hour-long Photoshop Week class.

Learn how to make fantasies come to life with Green Screen Photography taught by Ben Shirk! Get on-demand lessons here.

2. Beginner Live Shooting Demonstration: How to Photograph a Bride and Groom in a Hotel Room

Good lighting makes for an easier edit, and strong editing knowledge allows you to play more confidently with light. There are plenty of things you can do about bad lighting in the post-production that can save your photos. Wedding photographer Daniel Kudish shows you how to shoot in a typical hotel room to make post-process much easier.

3. Intermediate: How To Make a Double Exposure with Blend Modes

Start using Photoshop blend modes to make creative double exposures. Digital graphics expert, Jesús Ramirez, shares how blend modes work and how to apply them to your creative projects. Learn more about how to use blend modes in Adobe Photoshop in Jesús Ramirez’s class ‘How to Use Photoshop® Blend Modes Like a Pro’.

Create graphics, drawings and logos quickly and at the highest professional standard. RSVP for Adobe Illustrator CC: The Complete Guide with Jason Hoppe Airing LIVE 2/20/19.

4. Intermediate-Advanced: How to Change Colors of a Landscape

Learn how to create landscape images you’re proud to show off! Blake Rudis demonstrates in Photoshop how to adjust color tones to create landscape photos that will transport your viewers.

5. Advanced: How to Make Presets in Photoshop

Finally! You can now make presets in Photoshop to capture the look and feel created with several adjustments layers and apply them to multiple images. Dave Cross demonstrates how to use the color look-up table, an overlooked yet powerful adjustment layer tool, to capture adjustments from one photo and apply them to others while still maintaining a level of control for minor tweaks.

For more Photoshop tricks, check out CreativeLive’s Photoshop Week 2018 conference today.

Learn how to make fantasies come to life with Green Screen Photography taught by Ben Shirk! Get on-demand lessons here.

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Learn how to create the highest professional standard graphics, drawings and logos with free 90 minute daily classes for 4 weeks straight!

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How to Make Money Drawing For Fun

How to Make Money Drawing For Fun


What are you doing right now (besides reading this article, obviously)? Take a look around your desk. Do you have scraps of paper — a notebook, maybe — with little drawings floating around the page? What if I told you that you could make money by drawing a little bit every day? Well it’s true, you can make money by doodling everyday objects – you just have to go the extra mile to reach potential customers. Once you’ve fine-tuned your unique doodle style you can make some extra cash by selling on Creative Market, Etsy, or by building an online brand via Instagram. Let’s break down the process to getting started.

It takes 28 days to make or break a habit. Get free drawing challenges sent to your inbox daily to kickstart your creativity. Start now!

Make Money Drawing for People Who Don’t Draw

The gist of this whole thing goes like this: UX designers, web designers, app developers and more are always looking for little icons to use in their work. Pull out your smartphone real quick and open up pretty much anything. If there’s an icon in the app that’s used to indicate a menu, option, button, or whatever, then somebody needed to design that icon. And sure, you can find icons all over the place to use, but since other designers are already using them, it gets pretty boring.Nobody wants to use the same thing as everybody else, so they look for alternatives — you know, like hand drawn icons. Plus, other drawings and illustrations can be turned into website assets, and even your handwriting can become a font. That means pretty much everything that you’re sketching onto that scrap piece of paper can be turned into something that can make you some extra money. And who doesn’t like making money for doing something they love?

Sell Your Drawings as Vector Artwork

How do you make this happen? First, you have to vectorize your drawings, which sounds a lot harder than it actually is. You can do this in a variety of different ways, from using an app on your smartphone that converts a picture into a vector (Adobe Capture CC does this, for example), or scanning your work and then pulling that into a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator, and then tracing out your work. Point is, it may seem daunting to do, but it’s really super easy.

There are over 4,000+ hand drawn products on Creative Market alone, which gives you an idea of the size of the market. One shop, WINS, doodles everything from house plants to festive party favors. That’s a shop that’s all draws all the time, including stuff like this.

make money drawing

And there are other examples, too. Creative Stall has a load of cool stuff, like this selection of 250+ Finance doodles.

make money drawing

Like dogs? Of course you do, and here’s another selection of dog drawings that’s selling right now.

make money drawing
Certain types of doodles that are in higher demand than others, like map icons, hipster coffee-ware, and hand-drawn fonts. Just think about what you could create and sell on your own, just by taking your everyday doodles one step further. You don’t have to go after every single corner of the market, but chances are there’s someone who needs illustrations of something you really love to draw.


Opening a new shop on a site like Creative Market is simple. It’s a good idea to have a few samples of your work ready to go, and using the daily exercises from 28 to Make is a great jumping off point. Every month, Creative Market has a discounted bundle of cool products that they handpick from across their platform, and this month is no different.

Sell Your Drawings on Etsy

The Etsy process is similar, just set up a shop and start thinking about how your library of daily drawings can become art prints. Hand-written quotes or favorite sayings tend to do really well. You can also capitalize on trends like this awesome Star Wars art (trend #1) that’s being sold as a coloring book for adults (trend #2). Take time to explore the marketplace and look at stuff you love, what’s trending, and market gaps your shop can fill.

make money drawing

Build Your Brand on Instagram

Finally, Instagram has increasingly become the space to build your portfolio and online following. It’s a great platform to interact with fans and ideally turn them into customers. Link to your contact information and online shop in your bio section to capture inbound requests. This is also a great platform to explore your creativity. Curious how your audience will respond to something new? Try it out on Instagram!

Join Rhode Island School of Design instructor, Mary Jane Begin, to develop your understanding of color, composition, meaning, mood, and expression. Learn More.

A photo posted by Mulberry Art (@mulberryart) on

Take a moment to think about how you can make money drawing stuff you love. Doodle daily and spend a few minutes vectorizing your drawings. Upload to your platform of choice and voila! Get out there and keep creating!

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The Big Lie About Lifestyle Photography

The Big Lie About Lifestyle Photography

Get lifestyle photography tips from photographer Elena Blair

I wanted to share with you a common “lie” I hear about lifestyle photography. Hang with me?

One thing I see all the time on social media, and from well known or talented Lifestyle Photographers at that, is they say things like “I just adore in between moments.” Or, “I am obsessed with capturing candid shots.” Or, “I hate posed photos.”

And this always makes me do a silent eye roll. Why? Because it is probably not true and I think it confuses new photographers or even potential clients. Because the truth of the matter is that most “in-between” moments or “candid” moments were orchestrated. They were posed and directed.

Get lifestyle photography tips from photographer Elena Blair

Now if you have seen my work you know that my families don’t look posed or stiff in the least. But I am here to tell you that I pose and direct my clients 100%.

I am fortunate enough to be friends with some of the most well known lifestyle photographers in the USA and we all chat about how this is a very common misconception.

And it’s simply unfair to new photographers.

Why is it unfair, you ask?

Because it sets new photographers us for total frustration. I should know, I was once one of them.

Become the family photographer you want to be. Learn how to Get Started with Lifestyle and Family Photography for $20. 

I would arrive at a shoot and want to create beautiful, carefree, laid back, romantic, amazing, moments. Moments that I thought were unfolding naturally for the photographers that I admired.

I was so frustrated and literally almost quit family photography because I thought I was simply not talented enough to capture those types of moments.

But thankfully I took a different approach and started being in control of my sessions 100% and I couldn’t believe the difference. I realized that I actually had to direct and pose my families exactly how I wanted them.

Get lifestyle photography tips from photographer Elena Blair


When I started doing this my work finally looked like I always imagined. My visions finally became a reality.

And my clients were happier too. They wanted me to tell them what to do. They wanted me to be the expert.

So I want you in on that secret. When you see beautiful moments captured, there was likely a skilled photographer directing that moment.

And you can do it too. Promise.

Learn how to Pose and Direct your next family photo session just for $20. Learn More

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10 Not-So-Cheesy Films For Valentine’s Day (Love It or Hate It)

10 Not-So-Cheesy Films For Valentine’s Day (Love It or Hate It)

So you want to stay in and cozy up to a good movie this Valentine’s Day. The trouble is that if your partner (or roommate) even so much as hears the word ‘notebook’ come out of your mouth, there will be cringes and eyerolls and all manner of annoyances throughout the movie which effectively will kill the mood. Not to worry, there are other options. Here are ten flicks that should do the trick without inspiring your cutie to start scrolling through their phone. Happy smooching — or laughing. Or crying. Or however you like to spend the holiday.

Isle Of Dogs

Say it with us, Puppy Love! This stop-motion-animated science-fiction comedy-love story ticks all the boxes. From tracking shots to distinct color palettes Wes Anderson’s classic markings are abundant in the Isle of Dogs. There’s an outbreak of dog flu that’s spread through the city of Megasaki, Japan, and all dogs are exiled. For the love of his pet, a young boy sets out to find his lost dog. With varying degrees of love stories layered throughout, this movie is a feel good gem that feeds our natural inclination to take care of those we love and admire.


French film Amelie was nominated for five Academy Awards. Sadly, it was in contention with knockouts like Moulin Rouge! and The Fellowship of the Ring so it neglected to take any statues home. However, it remains a magical journey full of cinematic wonder that delivers a quirky and clever love story sure to inspire. Plus, duh, France. Pair with champagne and chocolate for the optimal Parisian experience.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

OK, we said non-cheesy and may have already broken the rule – but following the great cinematic tradition of teenage love flicks, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, does not disappoint. From public embarrassment to social deception – the formula works! If you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, this will certainly suffice.

Call Me by Your Name

Love is complicated, unpredictable and tells us a lot about ourselves (or confuses us more, up for debate). The Oscar winner for best adapted screenplay, Call Me By Your Name, isn’t your typical Hollywood love story. If you’re not looking for a cookie cutter look at love, this is your ticket.

There’s Something About Mary

I bet the Farley brothers couldn’t imagine we’d be comparing There’s Something About Mary to a fine wine 20 years after it’s release. But the slapstick love story gets funnier with time, testing our threshold for witnessing one man’s struggle to keep his heart (and nether-regions) from being broken.

High Fidelity

We had to include an anti-love story for all of you going through something right now. And what’s better than watching John Cusack, a record store owner and compulsive list maker, recount his top five breakups with comedy breaks by funnyman Jack Black!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon covers all the bases, martial arts, adventure, romance, you name it. This epic and beautiful movie was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, and it won in four categories. That’s not Oscar chump change. If you’ve ever fantasized about flying atop trees with swords or having a dessert horse race that ends in making out this should be just the ticket.


If you’re more interested in zombies but still want to take part in some V-day sexual tension, Zombieland has just enough to keep you engaged.

Silver Linings Playbook

If witty dialogue is your thing, look no further than Silver Linings Playbook. Amidst all the drama this film showcases an unexpected romance that delivers uncomfortable moments, comedy, and yes a dance sequence. Jennifer Lawrence scored the only Oscar win for this film even though it was nominated for eight Academy Awards. Director David O. Russell is known for hitting hard and then drawing you in closer. This film is no exception and is perfect for a less traditional kind of love story.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Here’s a little something for all you nerdy lovebirds. If you want a truly fun movie that packs as much punch as it has kisses, say hello to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This film is based on a graphic novel centered around young Scott’s desire to secure cool girl Ramona as his love. To get there, he must defeat her seven evil exes in a series of real-life game battles. Scott is played by none other than Michael Cera pulling his typical schtick of charming meets unassuming. It’s fast paced and entertaining with young love at its core.

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Cute and Clever Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Cute and Clever Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Captivate your friends with our wild and magical Valentine’s greetings!

Download these cute and clever printable Valentine's cards from the CreativeLive blog!

Need a Printable Valentine? No Prob-llama! We partnered with the talented team at Hello!Lucky to bring you some adorable downloadable Valentine’s Day cards.

Designer Eunice Moyle created 2 unique cards you and your kiddos can use to offer up your bear-hugs and llama-love with simple print-at-home cards.

To put these awesome cards to use simply download the PDFs below! Print it out on cardstock, write your message on the back, slip it in an A2 size envelope, and give it to your Valentine.

Download these cute and clever printable Valentine's cards from the CreativeLive blog!

The full color front is paired with a solid white backing, so you can add customized messages to your colleagues, classmates, sweetheart, and friends!

Use a Sharpie to add some color like we did here or write out a proper holiday greeting with a ball point pen – either way, these stylish Valentines are sure to brighten someone’s day.

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Street Style: How to Photograph the Emerging Trends of Fashion Week

Street Style: How to Photograph the Emerging Trends of Fashion Week

It’s New York Fashion Week for Fall 2019 with front row show-goers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber stalking the runways. But to take part in the event you don’t need an A-List name to get a taste of the seasons emerging trends. What’s no longer a secret is the sidewalks turned catwalks of New York are ripe with creative opportunity for fashion and street photographers alike. We think the best street style moments are arguably more inspiring than the catwalk especially when captured with an artistic eye.

If you’re looking to capture the top trend setters and get your photo re-published for the world to see, you’re going to need to create work that stands out from the pack. For a fashion photographer, street style can be a rewarding field, restoring some of the impromptu decision making lost in more high-end photo shoots. If you’re interested in improving your street style shoots — or learning how to start to from scratch — we’ll teach you how to turn the streets into your canvas.

Founder & Creative Director of Pursuit of Portraits, Saunak Shah, joins us on We Are Photographers podcast to share how he began a global creative collective. Listen Now

The Best Street Style Trends


Street style is seen as more “authentic” than mainstream fashion because it’s unbound by finances or corporate intervention. Photographers should lean into that by capturing the most original and unique styles, the kinds people won’t see elsewhere. In other words, copying Chanel or other mainstream fashion trends won’t get you far.


In contrast to the more flamboyant fashion shows, street style tends to be more subdued. After all, your “models” don’t have the budgets of high-end brands. Capture looks so basic that other people at home can replicate easily.

Tells a Story

Good photography always tells a story, fashion or not. That’s doubly important for street style fashion shoots — one of the most appealing parts of street photography is seeing the deeper narrative in people “just like us.” 

Perhaps no one does this better than Brandon Stanton, photographer and founder of the popular blog Humans of New York. He firmly believes that every portrait tells a story, and every photographer has the ability to capture that story.

If you’d like to know what specific techniques they use to produce such an emotional effect, watch this class on photographic story-telling taught by the blog’s creator, Brandon Stanton.

View this post on Instagram

Today in microfashion…

A post shared by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

Expert Advice on DIY Street Style Photography

Use Your Space

The world is full of found art, so use it. Incorporate the environment into street style photography as much as possible. Are you standing near a fire hydrant? Have the model put their leg on it. Near a strange street lamp? Could provide some interesting lighting.


Unlike normal fashion photoshoots, nothing is prepared beforehand for street style shoots. Sometimes you just have to be patient while waiting for inspiration to pass by.

Master the Fundamentals of Photography

Street photography embraces the raw side of the art form, which may require more technical knowledge of your craft. Make sure you master the Fundamentals of Photography: shutter speeds, lenses, composition, aperture, etc.

Time & Place

Because you’re shooting in public, you have to choose the when and where carefully. Know what you want and plan accordingly; if you want to photograph a lot of people, choose a high-traffic street at peak time (but have a place to take the photos uninterrupted). Alternatively, find a model beforehand and scout quieter, more isolated locations. 

People Skills

If you’re afraid to talk to strangers, overcome it — you’ll need to explain to them your vision, tell them how to pose, and have them sign release forms.

Why Fashion Month Matters for Street Style 

One is expensive and glitzy, the other grounded and gritty. But while they may seem adversarial, the truth is that street style and mainstream fashion work with each other.

Popular fashion & beauty trends draw on many influences, from the fashion powerhouses to upstart fashion bloggers. A good street style photography should look to fashion month for a roundup of the latest looks.

Showcasing upcoming styles for fall and winter outfits of ’19, New York Fashion Week (Feb. 7 – 15) kicks off fashion month, followed by London Fashion Week (Feb. 15 – 19), then Milan Fashion Week (Feb. 19 – 25), and ending with Paris Fashion Week (Feb. 25 – Mar. 5).

Of course style extends beyond the fashion capitals like Paris and New York City. We still have Seoul Fashion Week (Mar. 19 – 24) to look forward to, although Copenhagen Fashion Week finished in January. If that’s not enough, there’s always Pitti Uomo, the menswear event in Florence, Italy.

How to Get Involved in the Street Style Community

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, success in street style photography relies on being part of the community.

View this post on Instagram

ss19 @off____white

A post shared by @ virgilabloh on

If you’re just looking for inspirational outfit ideas, try following the top street style stars and see how they dress. Celebrities like Rihanna and fashion insiders like Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh are known for their ties to street fashion. Even Meghan Markle looks just as stylish on the street as in royal wedding.

For a more specific list, check out these Top 10 Street Style Photographers and Urban Artists to Follow on Instagram.

Founder & Creative Director of Pursuit of Portraits, Saunak Shah, joins us on We Are Photographers podcast to share how he began a global creative collective. Listen Now


Although it seems modern and edgy, the truth is street style photography has been around since the invention of the portable camera. To get a fresh perspective, browse these street style photographs of cool women of every generation, with vintage styles dating back to the 30s. Knowing the genre’s past can be a big help in the future.

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How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

You really want to start a business, get a promotion, find a partner or lose those last 15 pounds you put on over the past year.

But as soon as you try to improve your career, love life or physical health, something holds you back. You cannot begin to take action because you doubt yourself. You are too afraid to move forward because inside, you think you are already a failure, or you are too worried about the consequences that may occur.

You are not alone. In fact, research shows that more than 85% of people struggle with self-doubt. It’s probably more like 100% in actuality.

Having self-doubt is going to hold you back in life. If you want to snag a promotion at work, be respected among your peers, build a marriage with the person of your dreams, be in top physical shape and live a happier, more fulfilling life, you are going to need to battle your self-doubt and construct real confidence within yourself.

The following are some ways you can achieve this and break the negative cycle you’re currently experiencing.

Use the 5 Second Rule
You may think you are struggling to get a work assignment completed or wrestling with the idea of going on the treadmill. But you are not. You are actually fighting with your feelings about these activities. According to neuroscience research, our feelings decide for us 95% of the time. You have to conquer your feelings. You must realize that you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to, even if you don’t feel 100 percent like doing it.

Whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish, stop thinking about it so much and building up feelings around it. Instead, count down from 5-4-3-2-1 and then GO. In the morning, instead of hitting that snooze button, wake up at the first alarm, count down from five and jump out of bed. If you want to speak up in a meeting, but are feeling afraid, count down and then speak as soon as you get a chance.

If you train your brain not to hesitate, you will be able to make logical decisions instead of relying on your feelings. You will eliminate self-doubt in no time.  

Do not strive for perfection
You do not have to be perfect to get ahead in life. Everyone, especially women, are held back by the idea that you have to be perfect to get whatever you want. According to a study by Hewlett Packard, men apply for promotions when they meet 60% of the requirements, and women only apply when they meet 100% of them.

Confidence is what it takes to get ahead in the workplace. It also leads to a high status and more respect among peers. Confidence matters more than competence, oddly enough.

Remember that perfectionism will make you less confident, more risk-averse, fill you with self doubt and keep you from taking steps that will build your confidence. It is not something to go after, because you will never really achieve it. Instead, be confident in your abilities.

Eliminate imposter syndrome
You’re probably doing great at work, but you don’t believe that you deserve it all. You think that at some point, everyone is going to find out you are a fraud and not worthy of success. This is called imposter syndrome, which research shows that over 70% of people have felt this way at some point.

You need to tell yourself that your success is not an accident at all. You got to where you are by working hard. When start to doubt how you got to where you are, take inventory of everything you have accomplished in the past. Then you will be able to rid of imposter syndrome once and for all.

Be visible at work
Do you sit quietly at work meetings, too scared to speak up out of fear of being judged? Do you doubt your ability to make a positive contribution to your company? Do you never bring up the hard work you’re doing, but instead chug along, doing everything behind-the-scenes?

If you want to convince your colleagues that you are a crucial part of the company and build your confidence at the same time, make yourself visible. Let people know what actions you are taking and do not be afraid to assert yourself when necessary.

Do not sit back and take notes in meetings, because then colleagues will think of you as the secretary. If you need to, write down only a few bullet points. Listen to what is going on in these meetings and contribute when you can. Prep yourself beforehand to figure out what you are going to say. Once people believe you are more confident, they will treat you with more respect, and that will, in turn, increase your self-esteem.

Review your failures
Fear of failure is what leads to self-doubt. It stops you from trying in the first place. But you cannot be afraid to fail. You should not be scared to take risks.

At tech companies like Etsy, Facebook and Google, employees are encouraged to embrace failure. At Etsy in particular, employees have to send out emails to their colleagues after they fail. They must document why and how these mistakes happened. The company does this because it inspires innovation and risk-taking. Employees aren’t afraid to take a chance because they know the consequences will not be negative.

You should create a report of your past failures and detail why things went wrong. Instead of sulking about your mistakes, simply learn from them for the future. This practice will boost your confidence and train you not to doubt yourself, even when you are in a risky situation.

Breaking bad habits and moving forward
By relying on your brain instead of your feelings, being comfortable with imperfection, making yourself visible and not letting fear of failure hold you back, you will be able to go after what you want and accomplish all of your career and personal goals.

Want to learn more about cultivating confidence and eliminating doubt? Sign up for motivational speaker Mel Robbins’ CreativeLive class, “How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence.”

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